In today's job market many people are looking for secure jobs that offer benefits for themselves and their families. The health care field is one in which benefits and scheduling will cater to the needs of an individual. A specialized field that demands positions being filled is respiratory therapy.

Necessary Steps to Become a Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapy programs are very competitive, so a high GPA is needed to insure a position in this training. The average respiratory therapy program has about three hundred students applying each year and only accepts approximately thirty students. Most respiratory therapy programs can be completed in roughly two and a half years. The various clinical courses will prepare one for the skills needed to become a certified respiratory therapist. These classes focus on medications, disease processes and treatments for the diseases commonly associated to the respiratory field.

Upon completion of the respiratory therapy program one must pass a state board exam, which covers everything learned in the program. There is a minimal fee associated for the exam depending on the state in which you choose employment. After achievement of the exam, C.R.T. (certified respiratory therapist) credentials will be awarded allowing one to start applying for RT's jobs. The credentials will vary from state to state permitting a respiratory therapist to pursue various hospital positions, doctors' offices and specialty clinics.