Respiratory therapists are a vital part of the medical community; therefore you can find respiratory therapy jobs in almost every hospital in the country.

Specialized Jobs for Respiratory Therapists

RT's can be found working in both stable and critical care areas of the hospital. To work in the more critical areas you must have more advanced levels of education such as Pediatric Advanced Life Support (P.A.L.S.) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (A.C.L.S.) certifications. There are also high demands for respiratory therapists working in specialty jobs, such as pulmonary function labs and home care. In pulmonary function labs, respiratory therapists focus more on lung function and treatment options while assisting patients that are able to control their pulmonary disease. RT's run Pulmonary Function Tests (P.F.T.) and Arterial Blood Gases (A.B.G.) to access the condition of the patient to determine their disease process.

If working in hospitals is not a preference and you like to travel, home care respiratory therapy is a perfect option. Home care therapists travel to patients' homes and set up many different therapies for them to use in the convenience of their house. Some therapies may include Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (C.P.A.P) machines for sleep apnea, oxygen condensers for home O2 use, and many other rehabilitating respiratory therapies. With these different options, respiratory therapy is a career in which one can explore various avenues of medical care and treatment.