Respiratory therapy is a very exciting and fast paced field to work in. This is a growing medical field in which more and more RT's are needed each and every year. With the growing demand, RT's have the means to earn a sizeable income.

Earning Potential for Respiratory Therapists

A respiratory therapist may work in various settings and receive several accreditations that will influence salary. Along with expert credentials, the state in which one works will also impact the rate of pay. The first level of a respiratory therapist is a C.R.T. (certified respiratory therapist); this is the very basic respiratory therapist. With a CRT certification, you can earn approximately $40,000 a year. With additional experience and education, a CRT may become a second level respiratory therapist, which is an R.R.T. (registered respiratory therapist). With RRT qualifications a therapist would be able to gross $61,000 annually. These respiratory therapist salaries will vary depending on the state in which you are employed.