After having graduated from an accredited respiratory therapy program and having passed the state CRT test, a respiratory therapist resume is needed in order to start applying for jobs.

Qualities of a Resume for Respiratory Therapy

This resume should be very clear and precise about your qualifications and education. A respiratory therapist resume should show how dedicated you are to your work and also your ambitions for the future. This resume is a very important first impression for a future employer. You must be able to feel confident about your resume and for the most part sell yourself on paper.

At the top of the page boldly spell your name, address, phone number, and email address. Next, a few lines down state your objective of what you are trying to accomplish at your new job. Then, list in bullets your professional experience and your responsibilities at previous places of employment. Afterward, list the education you have accomplished including the respiratory program and any other schooling you may have. Finally, at the end of the respiratory therapy resume you should acknowledge any references including the places you have performed clinicals. This is essential, because many employers within your state are familiar with RT teachers and these professors will know your clinical abilities. Also finding help on the Internet and student advisors to assist you in writing your resume is a helpful idea. Being prepared and professional is the absolute right way to obtain a job as a respiratory therapist.